29. Oktober 2020


Vesterbrogade 32

1620 København V

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Fax: +45 33 43 70 01
E-mail: forening@danskeadvokater.dk

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The Danish Association of Litigation Attorneys (Foreningen af Procedureadvokater)
The purpose of the Association is to function as a professional and social community based on a joint interest in the litigation and trial process itself. The Association welcomes all practising attorneys and trainee attorneys in Denmark.

We aim to host 2-3 events per year with focus on the increase of knowledge in specific areas of the subject of litigation in the broad sense. The Association has a varied membership in terms of geography and age as well as the areas in which our members generally practice their litigation skills. This provides opportunities for interesting debate and exchange of experience across our areas of material law.

As a result of a cooperation agreement with The Association of Danish Law Firms (Danske Advokater), the Association forms part of the professional basis of the Association. The committee members who are also members of The Association of Danish Law Firms constitute the professional committee for litigation. This enables us to submit relevant replies to inquiries on behalf of The Association of Danish Law Firms in the litigation area and has resulted in a seat for at representative of the committee of the Association in the court cooperation committee.

The Association is working to improve cooperation between all players in litigation law in Denmark in order to improve the quality and professionalism in the specialised discipline of litigation. The activities of the Association are based on the principle that litigation is a cornerstone of the law business and that not everyone possesses litigation skills. Obtaining these skills requires work and effort, and this is vital to the final result of a trial or an arbitration procedure.

The Association works to provide its members with wider access to experience and input from all players who have an opinion on optimum litigation and to seek to ensure via political influence that it becomes more profitable to chose this area of law as a speciality.

Ulrik Christrup
Attorney-at-Law, Chairman

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